PeruMotors - Drive with Experience !


Would you like to drive through Peru and see all the natural and cultural highlights this country has to offer? But you are not ready (yet) to do it completely on your own? Please, consider this:


A totally new concept in the Peruvian tourism industry

This is how it works:

  • You drive your own rental 4x4 car as part of a guided motorcycle group
  • The group is accompanied and led by a professional tour guide on a motorcycle, and a driver/mechanic in the support vehicle
  • You drive at your own pace
  • We provide you with a GPS and a detailed road book, including hotel list
  • You can have as much freedom as possible, but still have the good feeling of having a professional tour guide on the tour
  • Optional: If you want, you can go with a private professional driver/guide
  • It works ! With our experience of more than 16 years, we know what we are talking about. Guaranteed !